2 Ways To Make Your Dog's Stay At A Kennel Easier

11 November 2016
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One of the hardest parts about going on a trip as a pet owner is having to place your dog in a kennel, mostly because the experience can often be a bit stressful for you and your dog. Listed below are two ways to make your dog's stay at a kennel easier on him or her.

Tour The Kennel With Your Dog

One of the most important things that you can do before leaving your dog at a kennel is to actually take a tour of the place in order to determine if it is suitable for your dog. Many dog kennels will also allow you to bring your dog on that tour with you, which is a great way to introduce your dog to the kennel staff and to make your dog more familiar with the kennel. The more familiar the surroundings and people are to your dog, the less stressed out he or she will be when you leave him or her at the kennel. 

In addition, consider taking advantage of the daycare options that many kennels offer. By letting your dog stay at the kennel and interact with other dogs while you are at work a few times before your trip, you will actually be able to make your dog look forward to going to the kennel rather than making you feel guilty by whining at you as your drop him or her off.

Consider A Shared Enclosure

Another way that you can make your dog's stay at kennel easier is to consider a shared enclosure if you have multiple dogs that are being dropped off at the kennel. Not only will this option allow your dogs to keep each other company and comfort one another if needed but it will also provide a larger enclosure that will allow your dogs to have more room to move about.

In addition, many kennels will actually provide you with a discounted price on the kennel fees if you are dropping off multiple dogs that can stay in a single kennel or enclosure. This option will also allow for more chances for your dogs to keep entertained as they will not be left alone in the enclosure, which means that they will be able to play together all day if they want to. 

Contact a dog boarding service today in order to discuss what can be done to make your dog's stay at a kennel as easy as possible for you, the dog, and the kennel staff. Touring the kennel with your dog before your trip and considering a shared enclosure if you have multiple dogs that need boarding are two great ways to make the stay at a kennel much more comfortable and easier for everyone involved. Contact a company like Alpha K-9 Kennels for more tips.