Overnight Pet Sitting Essentials

16 May 2023
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Some pet boarding services contract with overnight pet sitters. A pet sitter will come to your home and ensure that your dog's dietary needs, medicinal requirements, and exercise essentials are monitored each day that you are away from your residence.

Get Started

If your dog has spent time at a boarding facility before, reach out to their primary caregiver first. They may be able to match you with a pet sitter who is flexible and able to sit with your pet on an 'as needed' basis.

If they don't have the ability to match you directly with a sitter, they may be able to offer some resources that will help you locate a sitter who is suited for the job. Interview each person who you are matched with. Find out what each caregiver's services entail. Some sitters may be more flexible than others.

Acclimate Your Pet

If it is a priority that the person you hire meets your dog in advance, consult with the caregivers you may hire. They may be willing to stop by your home on one or more occasions before they officially work for you.

A visit will allow you to show potential sitters the routine that you follow each day. Allow each applicant to watch you feed your dog, play with your pet, and take your pet for walks. If one of the caregivers seems to bond with your pet, this may be the person you should hire to perform the overnight duties.

Prepare Your Home

Before you leave the sitter at your house to tend to your pet, prepare your home for their first visit. Write a list of all of the duties that the sitter will need to perform. Make sure that you have plenty of pet food, treats, and other essentials on hand that the caregiver will need.

Set up an area where the pet sitter can sleep. You can designate a guest room for them or can set up a comfortable area for them to rest in your living room or den. 

Go Over The Details

Schedule your pet sitter to come to your home a little bit before you need to leave. This will allow you to go over any last details with the sitter. Furnish your pet sitter with contact information. Request that your pet sitter contacts you each day. This will allow you to keep track of how well your pet is doing while you are away from home. 

For more information, contact a local company, like Happy Pets In-Your-Home Pet Sitting.