Common Concerns Before Signing Up For Dog Daycare

3 August 2022
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Do you have a dog that needs some supervision during the day? If so, you may be considering a dog daycare to help you out. Here are some common concerns you may have before you sign up to use a dog daycare.

Is There An Age Minimum For Puppies?

Think you can't use a dog daycare just because you have a puppy? Age is not typically a factor that is considered when dog daycares decide to accept a pet. Instead, they look at what kind of booster shots the dog has received. They'll want to make sure that the dog being brought in does not bring in any disease with it and that it doesn't catch a disease from other dogs. As long as the dog is old enough to receive the required vaccinations, then they should be fine to bring to daycare.

Will Your Dog Participate In Activities? 

One reason why people send their pets to a dog daycare is that they are worried about their dog being stuck inside during the day. Dog daycares are designed to have activities so that your dog can get out their energy, have fun, and be happy when you pick them up. Dog daycares typically do a mix of indoor and outdoor activities, allowing them to play with other dogs and staff members. 

What If Your Dog Doesn't Get Along With Other Dogs?

Have a dog that is a bit on the shy or wild side? Know that dog daycares tend to assess a pet's temperament and group them with similar dogs. This means that your dog that is very active will be grouped with other dogs that are similar to their temperament. You won't have to worry about your dog not being able to keep up with other dogs during group play times. 

How Will Your Dog Be Fed?

It is common for owners to bring their dog's food in for the day when they drop off their pet or provide a large bag of food for them. This helps ensure that your dog is getting the food they are used to eating while at home. If your dog is not a picky eater, it is worth asking about if the dog daycare will provide food for an additional charge. It may be worth it to have one less thing to worry about when taking your dog to daycare. 

Reach out to a dog daycare in your area if you have more questions or concerns before signing up.