Recommendations To Help You Find The Right Dog Walking Service

25 February 2022
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Your dog is your best friend and very likely a member of your family, so they need the right care even while you are away from home for work or traveling. This is why hiring the right dog walker is so important to keep your dog's health a top priority. The following provides you with some insight into helping you find the right dog walker and setting up services for your pet.

Ask the Right Questions 

You will want to start off your search by interviewing and meeting with a few different dog walkers. You can find them through dog walking service apps, local service businesses, or through word-of-mouth from those in your area who use a dog walker. In fact, a great way to find a professional and awesome dog walker is to ask around with others you know who have their dogs walked regularly. It's a good idea to meet with these referrals in person with your dog so you can watch how they interact with your dog, how your dog acts with them, and so you can ask questions.

Be sure to ask the walker what they enjoy most about the job, where they will walk your dog, and for how long they will take them on a walk. Find out what time during the day they are available to walk your dog. It is also important to find out if they will be walking any other dogs at the same time. This may be a problem if your dog does not get along with some dogs. 

Provide Them Required Information

Your dog walker is going to need some specific information about your dog and the walking job that you will need them to complete. Let them know if your dog has any special health requirements that they need to know about, such as if they have ever had a heat illness in the past that can affect them in the hot weather without water. This may require your walker to take water with them and give them some water in a dish on very hot days. You may also let them know some emergency contact information if your dog gets sick on the walk, ingests something dangerous, or is injured. If they need to get your dog to the emergency vet, they will need to know who they can call, such as yourself or a family member, and where they can take them for veterinary care.

Your dog walker will also need to gain access to your home to pick up your dog for the walk. If you have a smart home lock and doorbell camera, you can remotely allow them into your home and view them on the camera to monitor their activity. Otherwise, you can provide them a key to your home, but make sure you have done a background check or know them well enough.

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