What Can A Doggie Day Care Do For You?

9 April 2021
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Dog day care can benefit animals and their owners. Day care allows dogs to get their needs met when their owners are away. These facilities are designed to be safe and comfortable for pets. A dog day care facility can help you do these four things for your pet.

1. Customize the length of your dog's stay.

People have vastly different schedules, depending on their responsibilities and lifestyles. Some people are at work from morning until night, while others prefer to work part-time, keeping the majority of their time free for personal projects and leisure. You can customize the length of your dog's stay at pet day care to suit your schedule. If you only need to run a few errands, you can keep your dog's stay short. Dog day care staff members can also watch pets all day long for owners who work long hours.

2. Watch your dog while you're away.

Some pets need more supervision than others. Certain dogs need to be given medications on a regular schedule, or they may be destructive when left alone in an apartment. The staff members at a dog day care can provide your dog with the supervision and attention it needs. Dogs will be kept safe and happy in a day care facility designed to provide a stimulating environment for canines.

3. Allow your dog to make new friends.

Dogs are social creatures. They're descended from wolves, which are pack animals. As a result, many dogs don't like being alone. At a dog day care, your dog will get the chance to make new friends of both the canine and human variety. Dogs are pre-screened before attending day care, which means staff members ensure that dogs are friendly and not dog reactive. Dogs will get the chance to play together in open play areas. They will also receive affection and one-on-one attention from staff members who love dogs.

4. Ensure that energetic dogs get plenty of exercise throughout the day.

Many dogs are energetic because of their genes. Working dogs were bred to herd sheep, hunt game, and perform other tasks for humans. These dogs can get restless when left without tasks to perform. Luckily, staff members at a dog day care facility can ensure that energetic dogs receive plenty of exercise. They can take dogs for walks and play games with dogs. Daily exercise can keep high-energy dogs happy and healthy.