Is Summer Coming? 3 Reasons To Get A Short Haircut For Your Dog

13 June 2019
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Caring for your dog is something that you may look forward to doing throughout the year. As summer approaches, you may want to make sure your dog is ready for the sunlight and warmth. While you can invest in standard dog grooming in which hair is only trimmed slightly, you should consider going for a more drastic change with a short haircut to help during summertime.

1.  Comfort

An important reason to go short with your dog's hair is to maximize their comfort throughout summer. Even if your dog has a long and thick coat, you can look forward to it growing back through the rest of summer as well as during fall to provide warmth when winter arrives.

While you can keep your dog comfortable by using the air conditioner and fans in your home, you may also go outside with them often. Getting a short haircut is the best way to keep them comfortable during walks and while they are running around with other dogs at a dog park. 

2.  Dirtiness

In the summer, you may plan to go on many adventures with your dog. If you like to visit the beach or go hiking, you can take your dog with you during these outings. A lengthy coat on your dog means that they are going to get dirty a lot faster than if they had a short haircut.

When your dog's hair is long enough, it could pick up a lot of dirt and grime just from going on a hike, especially if they have to go through any thick brush to get through paths. By hiring a dog groomer and going for a short haircut, you will have an easier time keeping them clean.

3.  Wetness

While going on a trip to the beach with your dog, you should expect to rinse them off at a dog washing station that you will likely find on the path leaving the beach. If you do not want to spend a long time trying to dry them off or run the risk of getting your vehicle soaked, you will find that the most reliable solution is to get your dog a short haircut that will last throughout summer.

Grooming your dog is not something that you have to do the same way every time. When you know that summer is coming, you cannot go wrong with a short haircut for a number of reasons. For more information, contact a dog grooming service.