Activities For Dogs At A Dog Boarding And Day Care Facility

17 June 2016
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A dog boarding and day care facility can be a great place for your dog when you cannot be with them. When selecting a dog boarding and day care facility, choose one that has lots of group and one-on-one activities. These activities can teach your dog to be obedient, play well with others, and recognize the dynamics of being in a large group. All of these activities are also great for giving your dog intense physical exercise and stimulating their mind. Here are some activities and features of a good dog boarding and dog day care facility:   

  • Group Nature Walks - A brisk walk with other dogs in a large natural setting is great exercise and mental stimulation for your dog. Your dog will be kept on a leash and learn to walk together with other dogs and not pull or lag behind. Nature walks allow dogs to feel part of a pack and regard the staff member as the alpha human in control. Extended nature walks give your dog a chance to discover many new smells and acquaint them with unfamiliar terrain. All of these new places and smells are very exciting to your dog.  
  • Group Play - Social activities and group play for dogs in a dog boarding and day care facility can be very beneficial. Dogs are put into groups of the same physical size, temperament, and energy level. This is excellent training for dogs that are not often with other dogs as it teaches them to be social within a friendly group. Dogs learn to relax and play with other dogs and not be afraid. Group playtime can include running together in a large grassy play area, chasing each other with tennis balls and other toys, and being guided by staff members to jump over and through obstacles in an agility training field. Catch, fetch, and frisbee, are other activities that are often included in group playtime. 
  • Group Swim - Doggie pools offer an opportunity for your dog to cool off while playing in the refreshing water. This is especially pleasurable for your dog during hot, humid days. Tennis balls and other floating toys can give all of the swimming dogs a chance to socialize, chase, and play with each other in the pool.  
  • One-On-One Play - When boarding your dog or taking them to doggie day care, be sure to tell the staff if you would like your dog to learn any new commands or games. These commands and games can be taught during one-on-one playtime. This is a time for your dog to spend time with one trainer. Agility training can also be taught to your dog at this time without the distraction of other dogs. 
  • Dog Massage - Many dog boarding and day care facilities offer dog massage after extended group and individual playtime. Dogs love to be massaged as it relaxes their muscles and gives them a physical connection to the staff members. During your dog's massage, the facility staff member can check your dog for sore spots or other physical conditions and report them to you when you return to pick up your dog. 

The more you take your dog to dog boarding and day care, the more they will learn and be socialized. Your dog will love going and will not get overly stressed when you cannot be with them. Boarding your dog or taking them to day care is a win-win situation for both you and your dog.