Stupid Cat Tricks: How To Handle These 3 Fur Emergencies

2 June 2015
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Some cats are adventurers, exposing their coats to hazardous or messy substances on a regular basis. If your cat manages to make contact with one of the following 3 things, immediately follow the recommended actions before calling your pet groomer: Emergency Number 1: Fiberglass insulation If your cat gets itchy, crusty, red bumps on its skin, suspect fiberglass dermatitis. This condition is serious, and should be looked at by your veterinarian, who will prescribe special treatment for the problem. Read More 

Pet Grooming For Your French Poodle: How To Clip The Perfect French Poodle Look

23 April 2015
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Grooming a French poodle for show or just grooming it so that other people know your dog is a French poodle is rather expensive.  A typical dog grooming involves a bath, a blow dry of the fur, a trim if it is a long hair dog breed, and trimmed nails. Shaving a dog's fur to the skin is atypical for most breeds, but not for the French poodle. Because of the way a French poodle is supposed to look, a grooming is more expensive. Read More 

How To Discipline Your Dog While Maintaining Trust

16 April 2015
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Most dog owners have come home to find that their furry friend did not behave well while they were away. If you've come home to find that the dog confused your carpet with the grass, or has brought out every piece of underwear you own and spread it all over the house, you won't be very happy. However, how you handle the situation is key to correcting this misbehavior. This guide explains what you need to know about making your dog understand how their behavior relates to your anger or agitation. Read More 

Doggy Daycare: 3 Situations In Which You And Your Dog Can Benefit From Pet Boarding

9 April 2015
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While it is a true blessing to be an owner to a furry friend, it also has its fair share of challenges. You have to make room in your day-to-day life for your dog while also ensuring that he stays as happy as possible. You may want to spend every minute with your pup, but there is eventually a time when you have to be away from him. It is these times when a pet boarding facility (aka doggy daycare) can come in handy. Read More 

5 Tips For Safely Boarding Your Senior Dog At A Pet Hotel

4 April 2015
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With summer right around the corner, you may have plans to be away from home for a vacation and won't be able to bring your dog with you. If your dog is older, you'll need to be extra careful to arrange boarding at a facility that can safely accommodate them. By knowing what you can do to make your senior dog comfortable at a dog day care facility, you won't need to worry while you're on vacation. Read More